Lær Reiki-healing!

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Everyone has the ability within themselves to heal, but in this day and age we have to relearn how to use the wonderful abilities of the healing energy that is available to those who seek it. Get access to the Reiki energy and learn how to use it in every aspect of life.

Learning how to heal does not mean that you have to become a professional healer for others - first and foremost it is important to learn how to heal yourself.

Reiki 1 - Learn about Reiki healing and how to give healing to yourself and others. The course runs over two days and you will learn through practical exercises how to gain knowledge of the energy and apply it to practical use. We will also go through ethics, communication, techniques, etc. The course is suitable for everyone.

Our Reiki courses are low-key and filled with humour and motivation, and are a great way to kickstart and boost change in your life.


Remote Healing


Deepen your Reiki practice with Reiki 2 and learn to send healing over distances - Remote Healing.

The course runs over two days and will have some repetition and practical exercises from the Reiki 1 course. The Reiki 2 course is for those who have some experience of Reiki from before and have started to gain knowledge and feel of the energy.


With Reiki 2 you will be able to take your Reiki practice a step further and gain access to a wider perspective of the healing Reiki energy.


Reiki 2 courses are conducted long-distance at available times. For booking, please contact