Instant Transformation

Instant Transformation

Did you know that you can change and transform virtually everything in your life in a matter of seconds?

Let's have some fun playing with the rules of quantum physics!

What is well documented in quantum physics is that everything is connected. What you think is your emotions might very well be somebody else's. It's just that you are unconsciously connected and, believe it or not, able to experience others emotions as your own.

This is called Entanglement.

What you do, say or think affects others all the time.

Consciousness creates matter, and your consciousness relates to everything you have experienced when creating your reality.

What if you have experiences in your past that is false? What if, what you observed when you were a child, was sombody else's mistake, and you are now, unconsciously, refering to this as a truth when acting out your life today? You are creating your reality based on false information. No wonder if things aren't working out as you wish.

With Instant Transformation I will help you release the reality that no longer serves you, and let you take in a reality where the problem, or challenge as I like to call it, no longer exists. A reality where you can live free from any physical, emotional or mental limitation that keep you from experiencing the life you long for.

When we work with Instant Transformation, we work with your perception of the "issue." -Your reality.

Your experience of the world in and around you is a perception of what's happening based on everything you've ever learned; unconsciously, subconsciously or consciously.

You can often easily change what lies in your consciousness, but you need help to reach the patterns and perceptions that control your reactions from the subconscious or unconscious.

Instant Transformation opens the door to what inhibits or creates pain so that you can choose to meet your challenges without having to experience the discomfort.

There is no extended process you have to go through and the change often comes right away. -Instant Transformation.

This is usually done in a matter of minutes, sometimes in a few seconds, and the change is permanent.

It is normal to uncover underlying blockages when working with this technique, so a follow up session after a few days is recommended.

A «normal» session lasts between 15 - 30 mins, sometimes longer.

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