Receive your healing at home.

You do not have to see us personally, as we have the ability to send healing to where it is needed. This is called Remote Healing. Remote Healing is equally effective and powerful even if you live far away.


Reiki is made of two words Rei and Ki, which easily translates to Universal Power. Reiki is an ancient healing technique and originates from Tibet and was re-discovered by a Japanese monk in the 1800s. It's an easy and natural method to transfer healing energy from one person to another person.

Atlantean Healing ™

Atlantean Healing is a new healing method brought forward for our new age energies. It is a powerful energy yet it is gentle when channeling or receiving it. This healing does not focus on illness or ailments it acknowledges that it exists. Through intuitive guiding and balancing the energy in your body we promote good health and a good life.



Did you know that you can change and transform virtually everything in your life in a matter of seconds?

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